GHS 207 mm

Cylinder Line E 207

Hidromas Gold series cylinders: Choose strategically! The Hidromas Gold series cylinders are designed to endure the most severe application with the best performance and life cycle. Made from high quality raw material, they are submitted to strict production processes that assure the best rods finishing. Our cylinders give you more durability improving your productivity and profits.


1 - Quality Raw Material:

Quality and reliability of Hidromas Gold Series cylinders are guaranteed from the specification of materials and approval of suppliers. All the tubes used in the production of the cylinders are drawn steel ST-52 (DIN), acquired from certified suppliers.



2 - Reliability in seals:

The same care is taken in the development of the seals that are submitted to tests in its own laboratory under various conditions of temperature and pressure for their approval.

3 - Own chrome:

Hidromas has its own chrome process, guaranteeing the superiority of the Gold Series cylinders. In the Hidromas Gold Series cylinders, all rods are chrome plated (25 micron layer at all stages of the cylinder), generating higher corrosion resistance and longer service life, resulting in reduced maintenance and increased profitability.

4 - Surface Finishing:

The Hidromas Gold Series cylinders rods are machined with automatic CNCs and then ground and polished by machines designed under specific requirements for the process of the Hidromas, obtaining very low surface roughness. This quality differentiates the surface, increases the service life of the seals and improves the performance of the cylinders.

5 - Final approval:

All Hidromas Gold Series cylinders are tested and undergo a rigorous quality control, ensuring the delivery of a high standard product.

6 - Constant evolution:

Result of 40 years of experience providing cylinders for severe applications (such as mining at -20 ° C in Russia or + 50 ° C in India), the Hidromas Gold Series cylinder seals ensure the product's durability.

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