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Good choices need reflection. Good choices can change the history’s course and pave the way towards a solid future. Hidromas is a company situated in Caxias do Sul, have units around the world and more than 40 years of experience in hydraulic solutions.
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Hidromas Gold series cylinders: Choose strategically!

The Hidromas Gold series cylinders are designed to endure the most severe application with the best performance and life cycle. Made from high quality raw material, they are submitted to strict production processes that assure the best finishing.
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High Quality designed Wet Kits.

Hidroma Hydraulic Kits are high technology products designed to meet the needs of the high performance market. Direct coupling to the SAE B (Brazilian Standard) or ISO 7653 (European Standard) flanged hydraulic pump cardan gives more mounting flexibility, increasing system performance.
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Hidromas Pumps and Valves, your best choice!

Designed to meet the maximum efficiency and safety, your productivity is guaranteed!
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