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Slim Power Hydraulic Kit | Export

It has hydraulic pump 80 l/min SAE B (Brazilian Standard) and optional ISO 7653 (European Standard) flaps bi-directional, system with a front directional valve in the cylinder and limit valve. Oil reservoir 80 l/min. Its performance with effective cost to its aplication. 


The Hidromas Wet Kits are high quality products, designed to meet the market’s requirements for high performance. The Coupling is straight to the hydraulic pump’s axle, with two options of flanges, SAE B or ISO 7653 meeting more flexibility in the assembling and improving the system performance.

The pneumatic end stroke’s valve installed in the interior cab, plus the directional valve give to the system a total control and safety during the tipping operation. They allow to stop the operation at any moment and give to the system a controlled return movement. Return oil filter, breather and filler elbow, air filter, directional valves and way relief valve assure the system safety.

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