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Understand what causes and how to avoid the main failures of hydraulic cylinders on the road line

The cylinder is a key part of hydraulic machinery. After all, it reduces the physical force performed by machines through hydraulic potential energy. Thus, these are very important parts for the operation of machine articulation systems.

In this way, they integrate different sectors, so the care and maintenance with the component are essential to guarantee a longer useful life and efficiency in performance. Understand, therefore, what causes and how to avoid the main failures of hydraulic cylinders on the road line!

Common Problems in Hydraulic Cylinder

When it comes to hydraulic cylinders, it is important to be aware of the main problems that the parts may present. After all, this attention greatly and directly influences the performance and useful life of this part for the operation of the entire system. Thus, among the main failures detected are:

  • leakage from damage to the rods, such as scratches or bumps, or even a problem with the seals, generated by impurities in the oil; and

  • deformation of the rods, such as swelling or bending, caused by overloading the equipment, poorly regulated or poorly sized hydraulic system and cylinder, and equipment operation in inadequate conditions.

As to the way in which these faults are presented, the flags can be observed without difficulties. In the case of part leaks, for example, they are detected by the appearance of excessive and frequent oil where it did not previously occur or was not verified.

Thus, leaks in the frontal region require a thorough evaluation of the chrome surface of the rods to look for defects such as scratches or bumps. Leakage can also occur from the bottom, which suggests problems with the seals. In this case, the cause can be natural wear due to time of use or a defect caused by impurities.

Another very relevant aspect concerns the deformations in rods. Here, failures are identified by the malfunction of the cylinders, which may even make opening or closing impossible.

See how to avoid problems with hydraulic cylinders

With the impact caused by damage to hydraulic cylinders in the operation of machines, it is important to pay attention to preventive care. Thus, in addition to preventive maintenance carried out within the recommended periods, care should be taken to:

  • Use recommended hydraulic oil;
  • Avoid any contacts and bumps on the surface of the rods;
  • Respect tipping recommendations;
  • Do not change relief valves regulation; and
  • Do not carry equipment with a weight that exceeds the capacity specified by the manufacturer.

These measures collaborate to avoid repairs or maintenance of the parts. But, if further intervention is needed, the ideal is to contact the factory or representative supplier to correct the maintenance procedure, in order to take the most appropriate measures.

Preventive maintenance as an ally to preserve hydraulic cylinders

Preventive maintenance is essential for the longevity of hydraulic cylinders, as well as ensuring their efficient performance. In this way, actions, such as filter change, are essential for these pieces.

Additionally, pin lubrication is recommended as one of the effective care measures for cylinders. And, finally, performing the replacement of a set of parts for repairs significantly increases the useful life of the equipment.

Look for partners and suppliers with credibility and trust in the segment

As important as keeping the attention and care for the parts, it is to carry out the maintenance in a preventive way. Within this, it is essential to always respect and follow the standards indicated in the manuals, both from the cylinder manufacturer and the person responsible for the implement.

However, relying on the partnership of serious and credible companies in this market is one of the essential measures to avoid unnecessary problems or even lack of quality in the products purchased.

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