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Know the importance of preventive maintenance to increase the useful life of hydraulic cylinders

Preventive care and maintenance is the ideal action for preserving parts and systems. With hydraulic cylinders it would be no different. After all, monitoring possible failures prevents a larger and unpredictable problem from occurring, increasing the life of the part or system.

In this sense, recognizing and putting this posture into practice is a measure of care. Know, therefore, the importance of preventive maintenance to increase the service life of hydraulic cylinders!

Cylinders: definition and performance

Also known as linear pneumatic actuator, the pneumatic cylinder is the part responsible for moving the moving parts in automation/automation processes. Furthermore, they are also responsible for applying force to these systems. Thus, in general it is possible to say that cylinders are the muscles of machines.

The pneumatic cylinder is formed by a piston and a rod that moves inside a closed chamber. In it, compressed air is sent to the chamber below the piston. After that, pressurized air expands and exerts force against the base of the piston, pushing it upward.

The cylinders have a minimum useful life, according to the minimum number of maneuvers that the mechanism must perform until its deterioration. However, some parts must be analyzed carefully. Sleeve, stem and seals are some that require the most attention. Another relevant aspect concerns fluids. They are the ones who, when contaminated, are responsible for 80% of system problems, impacting other equipment problems. The constant analysis of the part is, therefore, essential to avoid bigger problems.

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Cylinders

Preventive maintenance takes place in the monitoring of equipment through data collection via monitoring or inspections. In this way, with the information obtained, it is possible to interpret this information to take assertive measures.

Maintenance aims to preserve the part for greater durability or useful life, although in the medium term it is increasingly necessary to exchange components. However, in general, performing maintenance before certain problems occur is still ideal, as it also guarantees the productivity of the equipment.

Among some preventive maintenance benefits, the main ones are:

  • Increased useful life of equipment or machine and reliability;
  • Proper functioning and reduction in failures during operation;
  • Reduction of costs with repairs and for unexpected problems;
  • Eliminate the chance of unnecessary disassembly;
  • Reduce emergency stops; and
  • Predetermine manufacturing interruptions.

However, for the inevitable maintenance that will undoubtedly occur, it is important to have a company whose work is serious, credible and conveys trust. The service provider must, in turn, present certifications, as a reseller or distributor, in addition to a history of good service.

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