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Hidromas participates in Expo Proveedores Del Transporte 2021 with the representative of Mexico

Hidromas was present at the largest fair in the heavy automobile sector through its distributor in Mexico, MCM Hydraulic Parts. Expo Proveedores Del Transporte 2021 is an event of great relevance for the sector that takes place every two years in Monterrey. This edition had more than 300 exhibitors and 9,200 visitors between August 4th and 6th.

On the occasion, MCM can share with the public present what is most relevant and applicable to this market, such as Hidromas products, which combine efficiency and economy as differentials. Assemblers, trailer and body manufacturers and manufacturers of the segment were present. In addition, distributors and suppliers of parts and equipment, as well as service providers for the cargo and passenger transport industry, also participated.

Solution that strengthens economy

Among the Hidromas solutions brought to the event are parts from different categories, such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders and also valves, which meet the demand for semi-trailers, trucks and buses in the neighboring country.

MCM has been operating in this market for over 20 years, always being a reference for the sector. And with the free trade agreement for trucks, buses and their auto parts between the two countries, it is estimated that this partnership will remain prosperous with the brand. After all, Brazil has recognized competitiveness in the heavy vehicle segment. And serious and consolidated brands such as Hidromas reinforce this position.

Hidromas' marketing support through MCM stands out because it offers new solutions in performance and innovation in the most varied cargo transport operations. Thus, the idea is to combine maximum performance and economy for application in suspensions and semi-trailers valorization. Seeking to generate better cost-benefit, quality and safety.

MCM Hydraulic Parts also supplies Hydromas kits and spare parts according to the needs of each customer. Hidromas is committed to customer satisfaction, quality and innovation in products, processes and management, without giving up respect for people, the environment and contracts.